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What is an apk file?

Android application package. Android Package (APK) is the package file format used by the Android operating system. It is used for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. You can save apk files easily on your computer as well as on Your android device. Moreover You can easily install application on your android device if you have apk file of that application.

Furthermore An APK file is a type of file available on Android that allows you to install an application. Essentially, if you have an APK file of an app, you’re able to download it and uninstall it without truly getting rid of the application.

How to install an apk file?

To install an APK, go into your file manager and tap on the APK file, which should bring up a screen that asks you if you want to install it (be careful; APKs you get online don’t need to go through any screening process, so don’t install them if they look suspicious). Press install if it’s safe, you may have to turn on installation from unknown sources in the settings, and once it’s done, you got yourself an app! APKs are useful for a variety of things – to name a few: keeping old versions of applications to download later (revert an update), keeping a copy of an app so that you don’t have to be on WiFi or data to download it, finding a copy of an app that is no longer on the Play Store, and last but not least, keeping a modified hacked/unlocked version of an app.

APKs are, simply put, an installation package, and you can use them to your advantage quite a bit. If you’re looking to be someone who most people consider “good at phone stuff” then use APKs. That’s just another upside to using them.